We’re proud of what we do at Hudson Ranch and Vineyards, and we work hard at it.

We grow for taste and diversity; growing only delicious foods utilizing ethical, responsible farming practices honed throughout our thirty-year stewardship of this land.

We recognize the importance of our relationships and responsibilities to our staff, our land, and our community; understanding fully that each

decision we make at Hudson Ranch has social consequences and environmental impacts.

Hudson Ranch and Vineyards is the daily, living embodiment of our dedication and commitment to the hard work of growing the highest quality foods and wines made with the highest level of intent.


A thousand pairs of hands make Hudson Vineyards, Hudson Ranch, and Hudson Wines the diverse farm it is today. Each member of our team, many of whom have worked with us since we started nearly thirty-five years ago, is employed year-round, as their special talents are necessary in farming Hudson Ranch all twelve months of the year.

The work is daily and very demanding, requiring great skill and depth of knowledge. Pruning the

vineyards in winter, growing our fruits and vegetables (as well as one of the largest pumpkin grown in the state!) in summer, picking our grapes and pressing our olive oil in late autumn, and tending to growth in the vineyards and gardens in spring, the seasons of a farm are ceaseless and always unique. Each of this work is exacting and each member of Hudson Ranch and Vineyards is integral to the productivity of our endeavors in the vineyards, fields, and farm.

Farming Practices & Programs

We believe in healthy lands through proper management.
This is our responsibility.

Since we first began planting Hudson Ranch and Hudson Vineyards in 1981, our endeavor has been to grow for taste and diversity; encouraging a polyculture using ethical, responsible farming practices. We are ever mindful that every decision we make each day impacts our crops, our environment, our staff, and our community. We insist on farming holistically, focusing our efforts on the ecology of the complete farm, rather than responding to issues fragmentally. We understand the ecosystems are wholly interrelated and interdependent. As custodians of the land, we understand that agriculture is intensive and can create serious impact on the environment. Through on-going observation and analysis, we seek to mitigate those impacts on our natural world.

We have cultivated a long-term view of farming, and possess a deep understanding of the property through both education and years of experience working with the land. We walk the vineyards and ranch daily, responding to issues that may arise by choosing the best course of action, whether it be integrative pest management, daily analysis of weather and Carneros’ famed winds, the encouragement of native grasses, use of bird boxes, setbacks from waterways, the planting of trees and various restoration practices. We spread 600 tons of compost annually, produced on our farm, throughout Hudson Ranch. We sow beneficial green manures such as bell beans, oats and peas; maintaining a permanent cover crop in the vineyards, which protects the vines and attracts a wide variety of beneficial insects to the entire property. And our water leaves the farm as clean as when it first arrived.


Ten white grape varietals and seven red grape varietals are grown at Hudson Vineyards. Ever since we planted our first block of grapes in 1981, we ensure that every grape grown at Hudson Vineyards exhibits the exceptional quality and highly distinct characteristics produced by the soils and climes of the Carneros appellation of Napa Valley. With more than 200-acres planted, we sell fruit to 27 highly regarded wineries throughout Napa and Sonoma counties.

Our deep understanding of the intricate combinations of soil, climate, rootstock, clone, and scion, combined with our management of each vineyard block, allows us to grow high quality grapes, which produce premium wines with an intense varietal distinctiveness found only at Hudson Vineyards.

1   Aleatico

2   Albariño

3   Arneis

4   Cabernet Franc

5   Cabernet Sauvignon

6   Chardonnay

8   Grenache

9   Merlot

10   Pinot Noir

11   Ribolla Gialla

12   Sauvignon Blanc

13   Syrah

14   Friulano

17   Viognier


Hudson Vineyards’ grape clients understand that great winemaking begins in the vineyards. As both wine grower and wine producer, we understand that each decision we make at Hudson Vineyards impacts both vineyard and client. Our winemaking clients, many having relied on our vineyards as a superior fruit source since its inception nearly thirty-five years ago, work closely with our highly skilled team, lending their own expertise on how to grow exceptionally fine wines. This collaborative, customized winemaking in the vineyards is the very cornerstone of our efforts.

While Hudson Vineyards maintains twenty-one clients, only twelve wineries are licensed to use the “Hudson Vineyards” designation on their label. Understanding that not all grapes are created equal, these long-term clients have chosen to purchase fruit from specified vineyard blocks, which boast unique characteristics identified as special and specific to that site; the true meaning of terroir. We believe, as our clients do, that superior wines can only be produced from incredible sites of distinction.










Oxbow Public Market, Napa, CA

Open Daily

HUDSON GREENS & GOODS is our produce, grocery and organic juice bar located in downtown Napa’s Oxbow Public Market. Our juice bar offers toasted breads with a variety of house-made spreads prepackaged organic salads and other seasonal, farm-based grab-n-go offerings. We specialize in locally sourced, organic fruits and vegetables with an expansive selection

of dry goods, household items and delectables. Most of Hudson wines, olive oil and other products produced on the ranch are also available. The Monkey Flower Group offers a daily selection of cut flowers. The store also features weekly tastings featuring local farmers and artisan producers.