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Hudson Ranch tends to mean different things to different people. For some, Hudson Ranch is related to the picturesque landscape. For others, it describes our enigmatic energy. For us, it is a place, a feeling, and an idea.
PILEATED WOODPECKER Illustrated by artist-in-residence, Tara Tucker READ STORY HUDSON RANCH PRUNING SHEARS Letterpress by Richard Seibert READ STORY NEROLY SANDSTONE WITH SCALLOP SHELL FOSSIL Photography by Stefano Massei READ STORY

Agrarian Dream

Situated deep in the heart of the rolling hills of Napa Valley’s Carneros District, Hudson Ranch and Vineyards is our agrarian dream. Producing world-class wine grapes for exceptional wines and Tuscan olives for verdant oil, raising heritage breed pigs, lamb and chickens, and growing a diverse array of seasonal fruits and vegetables for our grocery store, Hudson Greens & Goods, our farm encapsulates the true sense of wonder, possibility, and enthusiasm with which we start each day.

Hudson Vineyards produces grapes of distinction from uniquely situated sites on two hundred acres of vineyards. Over thirty years of meticulous winegrowing and winemaking experience goes into each bottle of Hudson Wine. Additionally, Hudson Vineyards’ premium grapes are sold to 27 wineries in Napa and Sonoma counties, some of which produce wines from specific vineyard sites identified as distinct and bear the ‘Hudson Vineyards’ designation on their labels.

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