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Since we first began planting Hudson Ranch and Hudson Vineyards in 1981, our endeavor has been to grow for taste and diversity; encouraging a polyculture using ethical, responsible farming practices. We are ever mindful that every decision we make each day impacts our crops, our environment, our staff, and our community.

As custodians of the land, we understand that agriculture is intensive and creates serious impact on the environment.  Through constant and complicated analysis, we seek to mitigate those impacts on our natural world. We insist on farming holistically, focusing our efforts on the ecology of the complete farm, rather than responding to issues fragmentally.  Of course, we don’t respond to challenges in our vineyards in the same way we would in our gardens, but we understand the ecosystems are wholly interrelated and interdependent. We have cultivated a long-term view of farming, and possess a deep understanding of the property through both education and 30+ years of experience working with the land.

We walk the vineyards and ranch daily, responding to issues that may arise by choosing the best course of action, whether it be integrated pest management, daily analysis of weather and Carneros’ famed winds, the encouragement of native grasses, use of bird boxes, setbacks from waterways, the planting of trees and various restoration practices.  We spread 600 tons of compost annually throughout Hudson Ranch, and sow beneficial green manures such as bell beans, oats and peas; maintaining a permanent cover crop in the vineyards, which protects the vines and attracts a wide variety of beneficial insects to the entire property. And our water leaves the farm as clean as when it first arrived. We believe in healthy lands through proper management. This is our responsibility.

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